Marketing Internship Lessons Learned and Lessons to Learn

Posted by Mworks740 • March 4, 2014

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my marketing internship with Marketing Works! Time sure does fly, especially when you’re having fun. In the first month and a half that I’ve been interning at Marketing Works, I’ve learned so many important things. Being in a fast-paced agency environment, there are a lot of moving parts… Read More

Voila! The Importance of Editing

Posted by admin • January 25, 2012

A typo or grammatical error can greatly devalue the professionalism of a brand. Who can forget the media fiasco around Old Navy’s misspelled t-shirt? Discussion and commentary blanketed the social space for days, calling out the missing apostrophe. More recently on a popular design blog the classic explanation “Voila!” was spelled phonetically as “Wala!” Although… Read More

Giving Balance to Your Social Media Initiatives

Posted by admin • January 8, 2012

With the start of the New Year, I’m finding myself constantly looking for ways to balance my life personally and professionally. The same holds true when it comes to helping my clients find balance in their marketing initiatives, more specifically with their social media program. Companies, both large and small, often fall into the cycle… Read More

Best of 2010

Posted by admin • December 29, 2010

            As the year comes to a close, let us take a look back at some of our best blogs of 2010. In a March posting entitled, Protecting Your Company’s Social Media, we discussed the need to be conscious of what is being posted online. Since this information is visible… Read More