4 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media in Healthcare

Posted by Mworks740 • December 26, 2013

Social media is a great tool for marketers to leverage for their clients, especially in the healthcare industry where social media platforms are changing the ways of patient interaction. A Pew Internet and American Life Project study found that 72 percent of internet users say they look for health information online. Even healthcare leaders are… Read More

4 Social Media Myths

Posted by Mworks740 • September 19, 2013

Social media has become such a large part of the way businesses are run today that it’s not hard to see how many misconceptions there are on how to do it properly. Healthcare corporations are no different, and can sometimes get stuck in a bad habit of talking at their audience through social media instead… Read More

4 Tips to Ensure a Healthy Labor Day

Posted by Mworks740 • September 2, 2013

As the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day usually means backyard barbecues, swimming pools and classic American food for most people celebrating the holiday. It’s been around since the 1880s, created with the idea of honoring American workers, and in 1882 New York City held its first Labor Day Parade. So as you gear up… Read More

Healthcare Case Study: The Power of Content Marketing and Media Relations

Posted by Mworks740 • August 22, 2013

When you receive medical treatment, you want the best of the best. The best doctor, the best nurses and the best equipment to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. And although it may not be the first thing that comes up during discussions of care, that includes intravenous therapy and catheters and how they… Read More

3 Tips for Having a Happy & Healthy Fourth of July

Posted by Mworks740 • July 4, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day with family and friends always comes with the pleasure of experiencing great fireworks, delicious food and the outdoors. Although it’s important to have fun and revel in our carefree spirits, we should not forget about our safety and wellbeing. There is plenty of safety information available to us surrounding fireworks, food and… Read More

How to Attract the Right Patients to your Site

Posted by Mworks740 • May 31, 2013

Columbus AMA’s Social Media SIG hosted a presentation created by Bill Balderaz that revealed how online search and content impacts a patient’s personal medical decision. As patients increasingly turn to the internet for answers to their health issues, healthcare marketers are presented with an opportunity to be proactive. The influence of paid search and relevant content… Read More

Introducing Healthcare Marketers, powered by Marketing Works

Posted by Mworks740 • May 6, 2013

I’ve often said that administrators of private practice groups are my favorite people. That’s just one reason why we formed a practice group specializing in delivering smart marketing strategies to healthcare providers and businesses. Healthcare Marketers – a practice group powered by Marketing Works is a compilation of well-healed marketers with years of experience helping… Read More