A Small Business CEO’s Take on B2B Public Speaking

Posted by Mworks740 • August 7, 2015

Marketing Works founder and CEO, Brenda Stier-Anstine, is respected for her natural ability to connect, influence and lead. A frequent guest presenter and spokesperson, she’s at ease on and off the stage.  I sat down to chat with her about public speaking in the B2B sphere. What should B2B companies know about public speaking? It’s… Read More

People Come And Go, But Culture Is Enduring

Posted by Melissa H. • June 5, 2015

12 weeks ago, I received two important phone calls within 24 hours. The first call was a full-time job offer at a logistics firm in Columbus; the second, an offer to be the Spring Marketing Communications intern at Marketing Works. A few days ago, I was asked what made me choose the temporary internship over… Read More

One Team. One Goal. — Marketing Works’ Motivational Morale

Posted by Mworks740 • July 22, 2013

Motivation is a vital element to boosting a team member’s work ethic. However,  it’s often easy to lose track of your employees’ motivation unless you pay close attention. So why not guarantee setting your team’s motivational drive high by helping each member set goals? And not just your goals, I’m talking about goals your team… Read More

Brenda Stier-Anstine – Medical Mutual Pillar Award Finalist

Posted by Mworks740 • January 2, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to our CEO, Brenda Stier-Anstine, being named Pillar Award Finalist for the Medical Mutual Pillar Award for Community Service! She was nominated for her efforts as Chairman of the Mount Carmel Foundation. The Medical Mutual Pillar Award for Community Service, presented by Smart Business, honors businesses of all types and sizes that make outstanding… Read More

A Very Marketing Works Holiday

Posted by Mworks740 • December 28, 2012

At this time of the year, it is a joy to pause and thank the many people who have supported our business through the year. Please take a moment and enjoy our holiday wishes for you. Happy Holidays, The Marketing Works Team

98% of a CEO’s Job is Public Relations: PR for the nonprofit executive

Posted by Mworks740 • December 18, 2012

Last Friday, Brenda and Arielle were fortunate enough to be invited by the United Way of Delaware County to participate in a Nonprofit Executive Institute. The two-day event (held at the beautiful Delaware Campus of Columbus State Community College) offered a variety of workshops geared towards nonprofit leadership, board members and non-profit organization advisors. Those attending… Read More

6 Must-Have Apps for your Smartphone

Posted by Mworks740 • August 27, 2012

Smartphones have made our lives easier, especially in comparison to their rudimentary predecessors. We have made a leap into the future over the course of only a few years and now, about 45% of U.S. cell phone users carry a smartphone around in their pocket, basically a mini computer. With the smartphone comes the wonderful… Read More

Connect with Employees to Connect with Customers

Posted by Mworks740 • August 17, 2012

“A company’s culture and a company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin. Brand is just a lagging indicator of culture.” Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos. Your brand means nothing if your internal culture doesn’t reflect it every day. Imagine calling Zappos to place an order and getting a crabby person.  You can… Read More

Slang and Filler Words to Avoid in Business Conversations

Posted by Mworks740 • August 14, 2012

Whether you are presenting a new proposal, hosting a debate or engaging in professional conversation, there are a few words and phrases you should try to avoid. Using slang or filler words can distract and annoy your audience. More importantly, these words can erode your audience’s confidence in what you have to offer. Avoid the… Read More