Marketing Works Team Spotlight: Amanda P.

Posted by Melissa H. • March 24, 2015

Marketing Works is excited to welcome Amanda Pierce to our agency as the newest Account Coordinator. Originally from Bexley, Ohio, Amanda is an alumna of The Ohio State University, where she studied journalism.  In her new position, Amanda serves as the daily contact for various business-to-business accounts across a variety of industries. In addition to… Read More

The Importance of Team Building Activities

Posted by Mworks740 • August 21, 2014

In June we posted a blog on 5 Fun Team Building Activities in Columbus, last weekend we decided to try one of those activities by taking a trip to the Columbus Zoo. Not only did we have a great time, one of our team members, Sam, got to cross “feed the giraffes” off her bucket… Read More

5 Things to Learn about our New Senior Vice President, Bill Kiefaber

Posted by Mworks740 • August 18, 2014

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our team – Bill Kiefaber. Bill is our new senior vice president and will be supporting our team with strategic client counsel, building and mentoring the Marketing Works staff, business development and serving as a member of the executive team.  Bill has led a very successful… Read More

4 Takeaways from my Internship Experience

Posted by Mworks740 • June 19, 2014

My internship at Marketing Works has been an incredible learning experience. I knew that I would leave the three-month job with increased knowledge of the marketing world, but I didn’t realize how much I would gain in a short amount of time. While the following four points are just the tip of the iceberg, they… Read More

5 Fun Team Building Activities in Columbus

Posted by Mworks740 • June 16, 2014

Developing a positive company culture is one of the most vital aspects to keeping your team happy and productive. Columbus is a fun, dynamic hub for all ages and interests, so there’s no shortage of places and activities for your team to bond over! 1. Try out a new recipe at a cooking class. Experience Columbus… Read More

8 Tips for Writing Better Emails

Posted by Mworks740 • May 22, 2014

Email is a significant part of daily communication for professionals in the business-to-business world. You’ve all experienced an email that was lengthy, ineffective or difficult to understand. After all, the original intent of email communication was to provide an easy way to send a quick message, whether you’re communicating with a client, coworker or peer. … Read More

HMB Inc. – named #1 Midsize Employer by Columbus CEO!

Posted by Mworks740 • April 16, 2014

Congratulations HMB, Inc.! We’re proud and excited to announce that HMB Inc. was named the #1 Midsize Employer in the Columbus area by Columbus CEO for their feature story, “Top Places to Work 2014.” HMB was featured in a two-page spread outlining the company’s success through a relationship-centered approach to their team and clients. The… Read More

3 Reasons March Madness Pools Benefit Company Culture

Posted by Mworks740 • April 2, 2014

It’s every college basketball lover’s favorite time of the year – March Madness! This is an exciting time with all of the upsets, Cinderella stories and last minute three-pointers. It’s an equally exciting boost for company morale, with friendly competition, and many opportunities to get better acquainted with co-workers.  While an estimated $1.2 billion is… Read More

5 Ways Personality Tests Help You Get the Most Out of Your Team

Posted by Mworks740 • February 12, 2014

You don’t have to be ambidextrous to be able to write with either hand.  Most people can do it.  But using your dominant hand is definitely more productive.  Try this simple exercise:  with writing instrument in your dominant hand, sign your name.  Now, switch hands and sign your name with your other hand. “It felt… Read More